New York City Spousal Support Lawyer

Maintenance and/or Spousal Support, across NY, play vital roles in legal separations and/or divorces. Divorces sometimes involve legal debates about issues, and matters of Spousal Support and the separation of personal property and financial assets between a husband and wife will be have to be resolved. A New York City Spousal Support Lawyer may be the key aspect in resolving your case if you’re going to be paying support or you’re seeking it. The New York City Family Lawyers and New York City Divorce Lawyers with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC—with locations in all of the boroughs of NYC—offers a free consultation, and can guard your economic benefits with their knowledge and devotion which they apply to each case.

New York City Spousal Support Lawyers know that courts in the boroughs of NY have the authority to allocate Spousal Support to one partner as part of divorce. Spousal Support, otherwise referred to alimony in other Courts throughout the nation, is a wage paid to a spouse by the other. Your New York City Family Lawyer knows that Courts in NY can force either the husband or the wife to pay Spousal Support to the other. The Court may render decision of large singular sum, or establish a longer schedule for a prescribed length of time.

How Spousal Support is Determined

Courts have vast discretion in determining the amount of support to award as provision for a spouse, but only when the facts and circumstances at the time of the award were the foundation of the conclusion. The courts are exact and examine all evidence presented, and a New York City Family Lawyer should provide that information to the Judge with the ultimate goal being a favorable resolution for you. There are multiple considerations that a court will evaluate:

  • Term of the marriage
  • Financial liabilities and assets
  • The age and health of each
  • Any tax ramifications
  • The behavior between the married parties
  • The likelihood of future financial success of each spouse
  • The skills or education and/or ability to be hired for the vocation of spouses
  • Special needs (if any)
  • The employment, income sources, and income levels of each
  • Any family responsibility taken on by a spouse who is not economically compensated

New York City Spousal Support Lawyers from our law firm are in offices conveniently located all across NYC, and area able to interpret the distinct types of maintenance and/or Spousal Support:

Permanent Maintenance: Payment made for residence, clothes, food, and various needs. The burden exists for the spouse desiring the support to prove that a need exists. Permanent maintenance stays in force after it is granted until a change in circumstances makes a re-evaluation necessary.

Rehabilitative Maintenance: A routine settlement type utilized when one spouse wants to establish or update their skill level to get a job or an occupation. This settlement is temporary.

Along with matters involving Child Support & Custody, Spousal Support is a complicated element of divorce, and a New York City Spousal Support Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will be necessary to assist you. Dial 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529) to schedule a meeting at no charge in any of our NYC offices including; Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or on Long Island. None of our Family Lawyers will deny that Spousal Support concerns—along with Family Law issues—will affect significantly the lifestyles of husband and wife for the future, and we will work hard to get you results that won’t break the bank.

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