NY Grandparent's Rights Lawyer

All over the state of New York, our NY Family Lawyers advise our Firm’s clients, anytime a married couple legally separates, divorces, or breaks up, the impact goes beyond the two involved affecting other family members. Very often, children become the target of Visitation, Child Support, or Child Custody issues. Similarly, the grandparents’ lives are altered by the changed family situations. A NY Grandparents Rights Lawyer is conscious of how much guidance grandparents can give to a child—and how grandchildren can so greatly enrich your life. This is why at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, a NY Grandparents Rights Lawyer will offer you free advice to help safeguard your relationship with your grandchildren and protect your rights as the grandparent.

Because the rights of grandparents are so limited, it is often quite a challenge to obtain custody or the right to visitation for grandparents. Our attorneys perceive the individual variances between a Grandparent case and ones focused on the Rights of Moms and Fathers. Provisions for grandparents to have custody and visitation of their grandchildren in New York law are not very lengthy, but are difficult to interpret. The law does, however, allow grandparents to visit the children if at least one of the parents has deceased in New York. As in other states, visitation must be proven to be in the best interest of the grandchild. This determinant must be established first and foremost—collectively, NY Family Courts is in all probability to give some access once it is concluded as what is best for the child.

There are options available as a grandparent, and a trained NY Grandparents Rights Lawyer is educated to properly assist you in securing a decree authorizing visits with your grandchildren. Also, we will assist you in petitioning for permanent custody and guardianship in cases when one (or both) of the parents have passed away. Our lawyers can also represent clients seeking custody or guardianship of their grandchildren when the parent(s) are found to provide inadequate care of the child.

For this reason, you must have full realization of your choices as a grandparent who wants to maintain full involvement in the child’s life. Call a lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC to evaluate all the courses available. With an vast history in Family Law cases each NY Divorce Lawyer and NY Family Lawyer is experienced and skilled in areas such as Divorce to Child Support to Paternity and Child Custody, our legal team can help you arbitrate the best individual arrangement for your family and it’s needs. For a consultation at no charge, please call us at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529) to make an appointment in one of many locations in the NY area. You can find us in each of the NY City boroughs— Brooklyn (Kings County), up in the Bronx, in Staten Island, Manhattan, and in Queens. And for our suburban clients, we have offices in Suffolk County, in Nassau County, and in Westchester County, or—if you choose—Long Island. Do not hesitate to call us to review your significant Family Law matter.

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