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When a parent is not given full custody of a child, they often feel like the visitation is only a consolation prize. But, a NY Visitation Attorney can show you that Supreme Court Judges after a Divorce and Family Court Judges in New York are granting more extended visitations to the parent not awarded custody of a child. Even if the parents do not share joint custody, the courts tend to lean this direction. When lawyers present the legal arguments in a relevant way, the end result could possibly be a schedule that exceeds conventional visitation set-ups consisting of simply alternating weekends. Frequent weeknight visits, stays overnight, and longer visits are now being added to schedules. There have also been prolonged vacations and transportation to school and home which judges have granted. A NY Visitation attorney with the firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC knows that the visitation schedules being established are increasing in New York State—every county will have a separate judiciary. It appears the Family Court in NY may be establishing more generous visitation schedules for on custodial. This trend in visitation generates optimism from the champions for Grandparents and Fathers Rights, NY Divorce Lawyers and NY Family Lawyers.

Changing holidays, vacation for four weeks, and intermittent weekends comprise most set-ups of “standard visitation”. Our NY Family Attorneys know that judges who deem a parent pleading for additional visitation to be dependable, he may grant a visitation schedule that is considerate and broad. It is the belief of the Family Courts that children with both of parents fully engaged in the upbringing, those children are inclined to have brighter futures. The legal standard these decisions are measured by is: “How can this child’s best interest be served?”

It is apparent that being represented by a knowledgeable NY Visitation Attorney is fundamental for you if you wish to obtain the maximum allowance of visitation with your child. Inquiries pertaining to visitation are commonly as confounding as numerous other issues in Family Law cases as separation and divorce. There are occasions when one parent may pose a potential threat to a child when the child is left alone with that parent. When this happens, that parent may not be granted visitation without proper supervision. The required supervision can be provided by a reliable family member or an agency established to accommodate the situation. Be mindful that a legal standard is present to serve as the benchmark determining visitation in cases: What is in the best interest of the child?

Modifying Your Existing Child Visitation Order

Modification or revision may be needed for an existing arrangement of visitation. A parent with only supervised visitation, may, in addition to counseling, be authorized to have unsupervised visits. Reconsideration by Family Court Judges must meet a certain legal threshold in order for a Visitation Order to possibly be modified: the family circumstances must have undergone a noteworthy or considerable change. Some such changes could include: a change in the employment schedule of one or both parents, the relocation of a parent, or the child may be in need of increased guidance from one of the parents.

Similar procedures are used to establish Guardianship of Children or visitation. The petition is filed by a NY Family Attorney in the county court office of the child’s residence—whether it’s Kings County (Brooklyn), Richmond County (Staten Island), Bronx County, New York County (Manhattan), or Queens County. Petitions can be filed in the Family Court along with the Matrimonial part of the Supreme Court. Once filed, various visitation suits may go forth. The visitation schedule is first created from the Primary Visitation petition. It may be later that modifications are needed because the existing petition needs to be revised. When orders are violated, non-compliance petitions may be filed with the NY Family Court. In this type of petition, an appeal is made to Family Court and a request is made for a ruling against culprit for breach of the order, and a plea is entered for punitive action to be taken against the guilty party. The Family Court Judge could sever all the visitation rights of a non-compliant parent totally if warranted by the severity.

Attorneys with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have vast knowledge in various situations pertaining to Family Law, additionally visitation cases. A NY Visitation Attorney on our team has the skill and concern for the complex issues emerging from rearing your child underneath the specter of intervention of the court.

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