NYC Grandparent's Rights Lawyer

All across the New York area, a NYC Family lawyer will tell his/her clients, when a married couple divorces, breaks up, or legally separates, the impact on family members goes beyond just the two involved. Children often become the focus of Child Support, Custody, or Visitation issues, as an example. And the grandparents can also be affected when these family circumstances change. A NYC Grandparents Rights Lawyer recognizes how much grandparents can contribute to the child’s life—and how much your grandchildren will enrich yours. So at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, a NYC Grandparents Rights Lawyer will give you free advice pertaining to preserving your relationship with your grandchildren and defend your rights as grandparents.

It can be a challenge to secure custody or rights to visit for grandparents, as grandparents rights are very limited. We understand the special differences between these types of cases and those focused on Mothers or Fathers Rights. In New York law, the provisions regarding grandparent visitation and child custody, for example, are some of the most limited of any other state in the U.S.A., and they are difficult to understand. The law in New York does allow for grandparent visitation in such cases where either the mother or father is deceased. And, just like in any other state, visitation with the grandchildren must be deemed as in the child’s best interest. This is a number one determining factor—generally, NYC Family Courts is very likely to grant you at least some access to the grandchildren if it is judged to be in their best interests.

Being a grandparent, there are options for you, however. A trained NYC Grandparents Rights Lawyer is accustomed with how they can assist you in obtaining an order to grant you rights for visitation of your grandchildren. Also, it’s possible for our lawyers to help you in requesting guardianship or permanent custody in situations when one (or both) parents have died. We also have represented grandparents who are seeking guardianship or custody in cases when one or both parents have been deemed unfit to continue caring for their child.

As you can see, it is very important for you to fully understand your options as a grandparent seeking to remain positively involved in the life of your grandchild. Call Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC to explore the avenues available to you. With our extensive background in Family Law cases ranging from Paternity to Child Custody to Child Support and Divorce (click here to speak with a NYC Divorce Lawyer), our team can aid in negotiating the arrangement that’s fitting to your family and judicious to its unique needs. For our free initial advice from a NYC Family Lawyer within the office, you can reach us at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529) to set up a meeting time in one of our many offices in the NYC area. We are located in all NYC City boroughs—Manhattan, and also in Staten Island, Brooklyn (Kings County), as well as in Queens, or up in the Bronx. Or for even easier routes for our suburban clients, we are also where you can come to us in Nassau County, in Westchester County and on Long Island, or—if you prefer—in Suffolk County. Contact us today to examine this significant Family Law matter.

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