NYC Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal Support and maintenance, everywhere in the State of New York, are critical aspects of divorces and legal separations. Spousal Support issues are addressed whenever the property and the assets are separated between partners in divorces even if there is not a need for litigating some matters. A NYC Spousal Support Lawyer might be your key ingredient in your settlement whether you’ll be the one paying the support or you’ll be the one seeking it. NYC Family Lawyers and NYC Divorce Lawyers affiliated with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC—situated in each borough in New York—offer an appointment to clients at no charge, and will guard your money by applying their wisdom and commitment to your case.

The courts in the New York boroughs have authority to assign the Spousal Support to be paid by either partner in the divorce, of which NYC Spousal Support Lawyers are aware. Spousal Support, which may be referred to outside of New York State as alimony, is the transfer of money from one partner to the other to uphold their standard of living. NYC Family Lawyers recognizes that Courts in New York have authority to demand payment of support from either partner. A judgment can include one upfront payment or a scheduled payment plan.

How Spousal Support is Determined

When granting support for a spouse, the court has vast discretion, if facts and the circumstances at present are the justification for the conclusion. The court will examine thoroughly the information presented, and it is the job of the NYC Family Lawyer to present the data so the preferred outcome of your case may be achieved. We believe some of the judges considerations will include:

  • Marriage term and cohabitation duration
  • Age and physical well being of partners
  • A full accounting of Debts and assets
  • Tax consequences
  • Behavior while married
  • Vocational ability and/or skills
  • Probability to acquire future assets
  • Employment, income levels, and income supplies
  • Special issues
  • Non financial benefits given by parent or household manager

The NYC Spousal Support Lawyers affiliated with our firm are located in NYC offices in each borough will update you on the (2) types of maintenance (Spousal Support)

Permanent Maintenance: Amount paid for residence, clothes, food, and more. The spouse requesting support has the duty to prove that support is necessary. Permanent support won’t expire once awarded until an adjustment in situations warrant the re-evaluation.

Rehabilitative Maintenance: A common decision used for partners who want to establish or revise vocational abilities to improve chances for an occupation or employment. This settlement is a temporary one.

Spousal Support, as well as issues of Child Support & Custody, are complex components of divorce, and a NYC Spousal Support Lawyer affiliated with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC is available for your assistance. Dial 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529) for an appointment at no charge in New York City including Manhattan and Queens. Family Lawyers cannot deny that concerns of Spousal Support—in addition to the other Family Law topics—is most likely to alter the lives of both partners significantly, and the lawyers in our firm will work diligently for results that will be to your monetary advantage.

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