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Brooklyn Divorce Insurance

A Brooklyn divorce insurance attorney can assist you with all of the paperwork you need to file for your divorce. A Brooklyn divorce insurance lawyer can also help explain to you the many ways that your life may be changed after receiving a final dissolution of your marriage.

You will need to make updates to your insurance coverage following your final divorce decree. New York has specific laws on the books that require someone to state that they understand they are no longer entitled to their spouse's health insurance benefits but you may need to make updates to your other insurance policies.

A divorce insurance lawyer in Brooklyn will be able to tell you all of the different financial implications associated with how your divorce falls out, including child support, spousal support and distribution of property. One of the most practical details you'll need to consider in the dissolution of your marriage is insurance. You likely have life insurance, homeowners' insurance, health insurance and auto insurance that is tied into your spouse and the rest of your family but divorce represents significant changes to your life in this way.

If you each have a shared insurance plan with a car, you will need to let the insurance provider know about the divorce. If you are to switch from two cars to one on the plan, your payment should be reduced. You should still let your provider know about the divorce even if one of you agrees to pay for the coverage for both cars. When it comes to health insurance, you need to report this to the plan and you risk having it cancelled if you do not mention this major life event. If you are the one who maintained the health insurance policy for the family and it is now going to be cut down to just you and the children, the other spouse is now responsible for his or her health insurance payments and may be eligible to get benefits from their own employer or from COBRA.

If the spouse is the main policy holder on the life insurance policy but doesn't have an attached policy, you should consider getting your own separate plan. This is because unless you are the primary policy holder, you are unable to change anything about the coverage. If you want to change details in the future or if you get married yourself, you would have to ask a former spouse. Furthermore, you cannot count on the other spouse to keep up with the payments on the life insurance policy and should therefore, not rely on this method of support. It is important that you have the ability to update your coverage and other beneficiary details. You may be able to pay less on your renter's or homeowner's insurance since you will likely have fewer possessions in your home to cover.

This is why it is recommended that you contact your homeowner's insurance provider as soon as possible after your divorce is final. An attorney who has been practicing in the field of New York divorce for years will be able to explain to you some of the important steps you should not overlook as your marriage is ending. There are so many different details to keep track of in the process of dissolving your marriage in the state of New York but a lawyer can help you approach these with ease and ensure that you have the best possible representation when considering your life and your future after the marriage is over. Updating your insurance materials can help protect your as well as your children in the event of a crisis.

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My ex-husband hadn't paid child support or the mortgage on the house as he was supposed to. Stephen Bilkis and his team of lawyers were amazing. They stopped the foreclosure on the house, Got a judgment against him and most importantly kept me and my children in the house. Can't say enough good things about him in the firm their compassion hard work and dedication were exceptional. I.G.
From the very first phone call to Stephen Bilkis' office, the staff was extremely polite and helpful in assisting me. Mr. Bilkis was honest and upfront with me from the beginning in what he projected the outcome of my case would be; in the end we got better results than either of us anticipated. He was very genuine and compassionate in understanding my situation and how this legal matter could effect not only myself but my family as well. I highly recommend this law firm and will most definitely continue using them for any future legal needs. Jarrett
Stephen has handled numerous estate matters, criminal matters and family court matters effectively and with a goal-oriented approach. He gets great results and is a results-oriented attorney. Dustin