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Nassau County Family Court

In some instances the Nassau Family Court will issue arrest warrants. The warrants stem from the subjects failure to obey a Family Court Order. The warrant can be issued for any type of case including: abuse and neglect, order of protection, child custody, child support, paternity or visitation. The most common reason for a warrant to be issued is for the failure to appear in the Nassau County Family Court on your Court date. Therefore, you should always show up for your Court date. If there is truly an emergency, then notify your Family Lawyer or notify the Nassau County Family Court, specifically the Judge's Clerk if you can't make your Court date. The notification of the clerk does not prevent the Nassau Family Court from issuing a warrant or finding against you in your Family Court case, however it is better than not showing up at all. If for some reason the Nassau Family Court issues a warrant, hire a Nassau Family Lawyer and have it cleared. If you are picked up on the warrant you will be arrested and brought to Nassau Family Court. Specifically, you will be brought in front of the Nassau Family Court Judge that issued the warrant. This situation should be avoided. A Nassau Family Lawyer can arrange for the surrender with the Nassau Family Court. Preferably, the surrender can be done early in the morning. This will give you a better chance of being released on the day you appear and not having to spend the night in jail. Any Nassau Family Lawyer will tell you voluntarily appearing in Family Court on a warrant return increases the likelihood you will be released. Warrants are returnable in the basement of the Nassau Family Court.

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My ex-husband hadn't paid child support or the mortgage on the house as he was supposed to. Stephen Bilkis and his team of lawyers were amazing. They stopped the foreclosure on the house, Got a judgment against him and most importantly kept me and my children in the house. Can't say enough good things about him in the firm their compassion hard work and dedication were exceptional. I.G.