Nassau County Father's Rights Lawyer

Often, fathers dealing with the Nassau County Court System in Family Law issues—particularly Child Support, Divorce, and Child Custody—feel as if they are being treated unfairly. Our Nassau County Divorce Attorneys or Nassau County Family Lawyers will tell you that In New York State, according to law fathers and mothers have equal rights in child custody. However, each Nassau County Fathers Rights Lawyer have observed that several fathers feel the court presumes that the mother should have the custody—and that the father should be responsible to pay child support. Family Lawyers with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have the experience with appearance of bias in favor of the child’s mother, and in how to work to defend the rights of fathers/dads. And we are prepared to offer you the initial advice that you need for free.

In the United States, most of the states have shared custody requirements. New York State isn’t, however, one of such states. As a matter of fact, in New York, joint custody is generally awarded only if both parents agree. Unfortunately, parents in divorce proceedings rarely agree to manage Joint Custody. For this reason, and because sometimes there is perceived tendency within the courts to find in favor of the mothers, you will need a Nassau County Fathers Rights Lawyer in your corner if you find yourself in the middle of a Child Support case, Child Custody case, or Visitation case. You will need to preserve the right you have to influence the way your children are brought up, and you will need to safeguard the opportunity to be with them.

We have the experience necessary in protecting the rights of fathers/dads in Visitation cases, Child Support cases, and Custody cases. We understand your case must be handled with great care so your family is fully protected—particularly the children. There is no doubt that a child has a very special relationship with the mother, but just as vital to the well being of the child is the relationship with the father. Preservation of these relationships, as well as preservation of your rights as the father, are fundamental aspects of your separation, your visitation arrangement, your divorce, or your child custody arrangement. Many people would agree that children are best served when both parents maintain active involvement in the life of him or her, and this

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