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Westchester County Guardianship Law

There are two kinds of Guardianship cases. A Westchester County Guardianship Lawyer can explain the differences. One kind is where a parent has either severely mistreated (neglected), abused or had a situation that has caused them to be unable to care for the minor child. The second and most commonly seen type involves a person over 18 years that is incapacitated and cannot take care of themselves or handle their daily affairs. In the State of New York, Guardianship matters dealing with minor children are heard in the Family Law Court. Matters pertaining to incapacitated adults (over 18 years old) are heard in the Supreme Court. If you have a loved one that is incapacitated, or you fear that a child is not being cared for by his/her parents, you need to call a Westchester County Guardianship Lawyer today. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC we handle all types of family law matters and can offer guidance and support. We offer free consultations at any our conveniently located offices, whether you live in NYC, Westchester or Nassau County.

A Westchester County Family Lawyer will begin by discussing the circumstances where a guardianship is appropriate:

  • Where a person is concerned for an individual and it is apparent that this individual cannot care for themselves (includes their physical well-being as well as their estate).

In New York, a Guardianship of a child is warranted where the child’s parents have either abandoned the child, failed to provide adequate care, or abused them. The court appointed guardian would be able to step in and would be granted the same legal rights as the parent. A Westchester County Guardianship Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC will assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for the child. We have offices to help you and your family throughout the New York area, including Nassau County and Suffolk County.

If you have a loved one that could be considered medically or psychologically incapacitated, a Guardianship may be appropriate. A concerned relative or family friend usually brings the individual to court. The court will hear the case and conduct an evaluation, often with the assistance of a physician. If granted, the Guardian will be given authority over the individual and their care, and potentially their material possessions. Cases involving an incapacitated elderly person are commonly seen and are called a Voluntary Guardianship.

Your Westchester County Guardianship Lawyer will explain that filing for Guardianship is a significant Family Law matter, because it affects the rights of another person. The Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can help you create the most favorable outcome for your loved one. We have expertise in all types of family matters, including Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, Child Visitation or Child Support cases. Call us today to arrange for your free case evaluation at 800.696.9529. We have offices near you, from Manhattan to Long Island.

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