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A NYC Family Lawyer from the team of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has created this brief summary to introduce you to Family Law and the NYC Family Court system. Here you will learn about the range of cases the NYC Court covers, the people who are charged with oversight of the NYC Family Court, and even the location where you will find the various NYC Family Courthouses. If you have a New York City family court case it is essential that you have a NYC Family Lawyer with knowledge of the NYC Court system and also with the knowledge to aid you in navigating through what is a difficult time. We understand that, and we are here to assist you. That’s why also we offer a free consult with a NYC Family Lawyer from our Firm.

The address of the various NYC Family Court’s are listed below: Manhattan (New York County) 60 Lafayette Street, in New York, NY, 10013 The phone number is 646 386 5200. The Queens Family Court is situated at 151-20 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, New York 11432 and the phone number is 718.298 0197. The Staten Island or Richmond County Family Court’s address is 100 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301 and the telephone number is 718.675 8800. In Brooklyn or Kings County, the Family Court is located at 330 Jay Street Brooklyn NY 11201, phone 347 401 9600. The last and final NYC Family Court is the Bronx Family Court and is located at 900 Sheridan Avenue Bronx, New York 718 618 2098.

Our NYC Family Lawyer team will explain will the wide range of family cases the NYC Family Court presides over which include: Child Custody including fathers rights along with Visitation cases (note that a visitation question can include members of a family who are not the parents; ie grandparents rights), Paternity cases, Spousal Support and Child Support (this may include termination of child support i.e. emancipation), Child Abuse and Child Neglect cases, issuance of an Order of Protection, and additionally criminal cases that are committed by children. Generally speaking, Family Law deals with a range of matters that can potentially arise between members of a family or those that are intimately involved. The only type of case the Family Court does not have jurisdiction over is Divorce / Matrimonial cases. Divorce cases in NYC are heard in the Supreme Court.

In NYC, various professionals may preside over any Family Law case you bring. The Family Court Official you might encounter include: 1) Judge, 2) Support Magistrate, 3) Referees, and 4) Judicial Hearing Officers (JHOs). Each of these individuals—the Judge, your Support Magistrate, Referees and Judicial Hearing Officer (JHO)—is a lawyer, too.

Which Court official hears which type of case?

  • Child support cases: Support Magistrate
  • Custody cases: Judges, Referees, JHO (Judicial Hearing Officer)
  • Visitation cases: Judges, Referees, JHO (Judicial Hearing Officer)
  • Orders of Protection; Abuse and Neglect cases: Judges
  • A case that could possibly involve jail time for the individual who was charged: Judges

Many Judges have Court Attorneys. These Court Attorneys are lawyers who work for a specific Family Court Judge and their role is to meet with the individuals and legal representatives who are involved with a court case. A Court Attorneys goal is to try to resolve a Family Court case in the hopes of avoiding a protracted Court case saving the Court time and the parties time and money. Using the example of a custody case, a Court Attorney may have a conference with the NYC Family Attorneys representing the respondent as well as the NYC Family Lawyer for the petitioner in an effort to resolve the case without further litigation. If your Family Law case is a Custody case, a Law Guardian will be appointed by the Judge (this is a Family lawyer whose responsibility is that of representing the child/children’s interest) and the Law guardian will be included in these conferences as well. If you are searching for the NYC Family Lawyer, contact the law office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. We offer a free consultation and can assist you with your family case. Whether it’s Child Support, Child Custody, Guardianship, Visitation, Order of Protection, Abuse and Neglect, Paternity case or an Emancipation of a child case we stand ready to represent you. We have convenient locations throughout NYC including Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Call us today at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529) to set up a time for your free initial case evaluation.

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