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If you are facing a Family Court battle in New York City, it is essential to have a both a solid knowledge of Family Law as well as a firm background into the inner workings of the Family Court. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC each New York City Family Lawyer has years of experience at the ready to stand by you And after you finish this article, if you still have a question we offer a free, no obligation consultation. We want you to be informed and know your rights. That is why each New York City Family Lawyer from our office has contributed to this overview of Family Law and the New York City Family Court system for you. We will introduce you to the scope of cases the New York City Family Court oversees as well as the people who are the decision makers in the various New York City Family Courthouses.

New York City Family Court covers all legal issues that occur between blood relatives, people sharing parental duties as well those that have shared an intimate or close personal relationship. Your New York City Family Lawyer will tell you the only exception to this is Divorce, which is covered in one of the five New York City Supreme Courts. The primary types of cases that the Family Court handles are Paternity, Child Custody, Guardianship, an issue of Child Visitation, Spousal Support, and/or Child Support, Order of Protection (Family Offense Petition), or any Abuse or alleged Neglect of a child. Moreover, the Family Court hears criminal issues if the crime was alleged to have been committed by a juvenile.

There are 5 Family Courts in New York City, one in each borough:

The (New York County) Manhattan Family Court house - 60 Lafayette Street New York, NY

The (Kings County) Brooklyn Family Courthouse - 330 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY

The Bronx Family Courthouse – 900 Sheridan Avenue Bronx, NY

The (Richmond County) Staten Island Family Courthouse 100 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island NY

The Queens Family Courthouse 151-20 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY

There are a variety of officials who preside over the various Family Law cases occurring in New York City. Their titles range from Judge and include Support Magistrate, Referees, and Judicial Hearing Officer (JHO).

The type of case dictates the Official that hears the case. For example, if your case involves Child Support, it will be heard by a Support Magistrate. A Judge, Referee or a JHO (Judicial Hearing Officer) more often preside over Custody cases or Visitation cases. Judges handle Orders of Protection cases or cases of alleged Child Abuse or Neglect, as well as cases that may involve incarceration.

There are several other Court officials that you may encounter in Family Court. The Court Attorney – is a Family Lawyer who works for a Judge and has the primary goal to settle cases outside of the courtroom. The Law Guardian – is a Court appointed Family Lawyer who will represent children in any court proceeding.

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