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Westchester County Visitation

Often, the parent not granted full custody of a child feels like their visitation is merely a consolation prize. However, a Westchester County Visitation Lawyer can show you that the Supreme Court after a Divorce and Family Court in Westchester are allowing more extended times of visitation to the parent without custody of the children. Even when the parents don’t have joint custody, this seems to be the case. When a lawyer presents relevant legal arguments, the result could exceed the conventional visitation schedule of switching weekends. Overnight stays, frequent visits on weeknights, and lengthened visitation may now be added to your visitation schedule. There are even expanded vacations and a child’s transportation back and forth from school that have been granted. A Westchester County Visitation attorney at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can say that visitation schedules are becoming more flexible in areas across New York. This has encouraged Westchester Family Attorneys and Westchester Divorce Attorneys, who are advocating for the Rights of Fathers and Grandparents.

Four weeks of vacation, taking turns on holidays, and opposite weekends, is typically the “standard visitation” set-up. Our Westchester County Family Attorneys will explain that judges who determine the parent pleading for extra visitation to be dependable, may create a complaisant and considerate visitation schedule. The Family Court is of the belief that if a child has both parents engaged in his/her upbringing, that child tends to have a better future. The legal standard that these decisions are measured to is: “What is in the child’s best interest?”

It is clear to see that having an experienced Westchester County Visitation Attorney representing you is your key to obtaining a schedule with the maximum allowance for visitation with your child. Questions about visitation can be as confounding as many of the other issues in Family Law like a separation or a divorce. There may be a situation in which a parent poses a potential threat to a child in sole custody, in which case that parent would only be allowed visitation when supervised. In these instances, either a reliable family member or agency, government or another type, can provide supervision. It is imperative to remember that one legal standard is the benchmark for issues within the visitation cases: What is best for the child?

Modifying Your Existing Child Visitation Order

Visitation schedules in existence may need modification or alteration after some time. A parent with only supervised visitation, for instance, in addition to counseling, could be permitted to have unsupervised visits. However, there is a certain legal provision that must be met to have a Visitation agreement reconsidered by a Judge in the Family Court for potential modifications: the circumstances must have changed in a significant or considerable way. A few examples of changes could include: altered work schedule (either parent), a relocation of a parent, or the increased influence of one parent would be to the child’s advantage.

Similar procedures are used for determination of Custody of a Child and visitation. A Westchester County Family Attorney files a visitation petition within the county the child resides in at the court office—Westchester Family Court can be found at 420 North Avenue, 3rd Floor, New Rochelle, NY 10801. The Family Court and the Matrimonial part of the Supreme Court both receive petitions. Then, various visitation cases might proceed. At first, the schedule of visitation is set up by the Primary Visitation petitions. Later, any necessary modifications may be requested if the existing order should need revising. When a violation of an order occurs, a petition for non-compliance may be filed with the Westchester County Family Court. These petitions make appeal to Family Court and request a ruling against the violating party for breaking the order, and ask for punitive action to be taken against that party. The Family Court judge can sever the violating person’s visitation rights completely when the case is serious enough.

The Lawyers with Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC have extensive experience in various matters of Family Law, along with visitation cases. Our Westchester County Visitation Attorneys will handle the complex issues that can emerge when raising your child under the specter of court intervention with great skill and care.

Your case of Child Visitation is significant and requires competent representation. A Westchester County Visitation Lawyer can meet with you for a free consultation when you call 800.696.9529. Our Westchester County Family Lawyers have experience in cases involving Rights of Fathers, Rights of Grandparents, a Custody battle, Divorce cases, Child Support, Orders of Protection, or Neglect & Abuse cases. Schedule an appointment today. There are many locations all across New York City to serve you—in Manhattan and surrounding areas, including Westchester County, the Bronx across to Queens, and Staten Island over to Brooklyn. And Long Island clients can locate an office in either Suffolk County or Nassau County.

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