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In New York, Manhattan and throughout NYC and its surrounding Counties being a father is what defines Paternity. Issues of Paternity are brought in front of the New York City Family Courts, and obviously can seriously impact all types of Family Law cases, particularly Child Support and Child Custody including Joint Custody and full Custody and Visitation cases. A New York City Paternity Lawyer understands a paternity order that is entered against a father, sets of a series of events that may include an order to pay child support. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC offices, each New York City Family Lawyer an New York City Divorce Lawyer on our team brings you unique experience from their years of litigating Paternity cases—Regardless of which side you’re on in a Paternity case, a New York City Paternity Lawyer from our offices in the city and can give a free consultation concerning your case.

Throughout the New York City area, in Westchester County and on Long Island, Family Court is where a Paternity case will be decided. Your New York City Paternity Lawyer, whether they’re based in Manhattan or Queens, will let you know that one of the more common ways to establish paternity is via writing called an “Acknowledgment of Paternity” this document is normally filed at the birth registrar. However, when either of the two parents chooses to deny paternity, it is the parents’ right, to have the Court decide paternity. From Suffolk County to New York City, the hearing may be initiated by the mother of the child or by the alleged father. Once a judicial determination has been made and Paternity decided, the Court has the further authority to hear a child support case.

A New York City Family Lawyer will counsel their client that the Court will emphasize scientific methods and facts while deliberating a paternity proceeding. DNA testing, tests of genetic marker are just two of the tests that are typically used. However, be aware, except when the test can factually exclude a man as the possible father, they’re not always 100% conclusive. Despite the small level of inexactness the Family Court gives such tests significant weight. A New York City Paternity Lawyer in our New York City or our Nassau County offices, knows test results showing a likelihood of paternity that’s 99% or higher generally will lead to presumption of paternity. You should note, though, that this finding may be challenged by either the mother or the child’s presumed father. Furthermore, when the Family Court sees it’s in the child’s best interests for no testing to be ordered, there will be no test to challenge the presumed paternity. That might happen when, for example, the long-established relationship between father and child can be threatened if the presumed father should discover that he in fact is not the biological father.

A New York City Paternity Lawyer from our office wants you to understand that the Court will not presumed paternity if the father isn’t legally married to the mother during either birth or pregnancy of the child. In order to legally register as the father of a child, both parents, can simply fill out a certificate Acknowledging Paternity and properly file it with the hospital. This also can be done in Family Court, at the corresponding child support office, or also with the appropriate birth registrar. When the form is properly filed, this will give the father the legal right to assert his Father’s Rights. Please note that in order to assert any rights of custody or visitation, establishing paternity is a prerequisite.

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