NY Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

A NY Family Lawyer or NY Divorce Lawyer from our office will frequently see cases that encompass child abuse and child neglect accusations. These types of allegations are commonly seen in conjunction with child custody and visitation cases. These allegations are not only emotionally devastating; they can seriously affect your rights and the rights of your child. If you are in this situation you need to contact an experienced NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyer from our office right away.

Often these allegations aren’t true, and are simply used as a tool in emotional warfare. However true or not, these accusations can seriously impact your parental rights, and can damage your relationship with your child. A knowledgeable NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyer is essential at this critical time, to help you successfully navigate through the legal system and protect your rights. We have offices throughout New York, including Manhattan Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk County and Westchester County, and are here to help.

Child abuse and neglect cases can contain one or more of the following elements:

Sexual Abuse; Malnutrition (and failure to provide necessary medical and dental care); Emotional and Psychological Abuse; Physical Child Abuse (which can charge excessive corporal punishment).

These accusations can bring an additional criminal complaint for endangering the welfare of a child, assault or Harassment. In this instance you may need to the guidance of not only a Family Law Attorney, but a NY Criminal Lawyer as well.

Also, your child visitation rights may be impacted. Most NY Family Law judges would be hesitant to award child custody or visitation to a parent facing these types of allegations. Therefore, you should contact a NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyer today to protect your parental rights and help preserve your parent-child relationship.

When these types of allegations are made, it is not uncommon to be contacted by Child Protective Services or Administration of childrens Services. Should this happen, you need to contact on of our NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyers right away. The purpose of this agency is to investigate all child abuse and neglect allegations, and they can have a substantial impact on your parental rights. Whatever you say can be misinterpreted and can be used to your disadvantage.

If you feel threatened, or you or your child is in any type of immediate danger, you need to take action today. If you are experiencing domestic violence in your home, you can be charged with child neglect for allowing abuse to continue in the presence of your child. A knowledgeable NY Order of Protection Lawyer can immediately file an Order for Protection anywhere in NY or surrounding counties to ensure your safety and the safety of your child. At Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC we can lend our many years of experience and expertise to your case and help you in this stressful time. We can speak at your convenience at one of our many offices throughout the NY area. Call us for a free consultation at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529).

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