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Each NY Family Lawyer from the experienced staff at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC brings their many years of practicing at the NY Family Court’s to assist in your case. A NY Family Lawyer from our offices recently created this introduction to the variety of Family Law cases the New York Family Court handles, along with a description of the professionals who you’ll perhaps find overseeing the NY Family Court. If you still have a question after reading our post, call us for a free case evaluation with a NY Family Lawyer from our firm.

The New York Family Court is found at 60 Lafayette Street, in Manhattan, NY 10013. The phone number is 212-374-3700. The Family Courthouse deals with any family cases involving an issue of Child Custody and Visitation, and also Paternity, Family offense petition, (Order of Protection), Spousal Support and Child Support (note this includes the termination of child support through emancipation), the family issue of Establishing Paternity, Guardianship as well as Abuse and Neglect, and juvenile criminal issues. The NY County Family Court does not handle one Family Law issue—and that is Divorce. If you are in need of a Divorce in NY, your case must go to the NY Supreme Court rather than the Family Court.

Judges, the Referees, Support Magistrates, along with Judicial Hearing Officers (JHOs) are some of the court professionals that may be presiding over your NY Family Law case. Theses officials area all lawyers and have different levels of authority within the Family court.

Here is a short list of the different responsibilities of the distinct professional participants in a family court case. You should understand that the Support Magistrate is the one that will hear child support cases, while the Judges can preside of all types of cases but usually hear Order of Protection cases, Custody cases, Abuse and Neglect cases, and all other Family Law cases that can possibly lead to the incarceration of any person who was charged. Finally, the Referees and also the JHO (the Judicial Hearing Officers) will be the ones who hear Custody and Visitation cases in addition to judges.

Any NY Family Lawyer will advise you that there is a possibility you can reach an early resolution and avoid a long court battle. A settlement might be reached between both parties with the help of the Court Attorney, an individual who is working with the Family Court Judge to settle cases before court goes into session, to save both time and to save money. For example, in a visitation case, the Court Attorney will mediate between the respondent’s NY Family Lawyer and the petitioner’s NY Family Lawyer. Hopefully this will result in avoiding further court appearances. In visitation cases, a Law Guardian (a court appointed family lawyer) will also be an interested party as they represent the interest of the child or children.

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