NYC Guardianship Law Lawyer

An experienced NYC Family Attorney will be knowledgeable in different kinds Guardianship matters. Child Guardianships are where a minor (child under the age of 18 years) has been completely abandoned by their parents, have an extenuating situation or they are being mistreated. This mistreatment can include physical and emotional abuse and neglect, or withholding basic necessities (food, shelter, medical care). An adult Guardianship concerns a disabled/incapacitated adult. Incapacity can be defined as lacking the basic physical and/or mental skills necessary to tend to basic daily needs. New York Family Law Court has legal authority over all minor Guardianship cases, and the NY Supreme Court hears all matters pertaining to incapacitated/disabled adults. Handling a Guardianship case can be complicated and stressful. Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC manages Guardianship matters with compassion and expertise. Call a NYC Guardianship Lawyer from our office for advice and a free consultation. We have offices all over the New York area, from Westchester County to the Bronx.

You will find meeting with a NYC Guardianship Lawyer invaluable. They will discuss what elements should be present in order to move forward with a Guardianship filing:

  • A Guardianship should be considered where it is clear that an individual does not have the physical or mental resources to live their life (or maintain their estate) in a safe and productive manner.

Guardianship cases for children are emotional for all parties involved. Normally, the child has suffered some or multiple forms of abuse and/or neglect. In other instances the parents are simply unable to care for their own child, or have abandoned them. A Guardianship would be recommended in these types of circumstances. The court appointed guardian would be able to assume the role of parent for all intents and purposes. They would be responsible for making decisions for the child, and protecting their rights, as well as provide for their welfare. You can depend on a NYC Guardianship Lawyer to ensure that you will successfully navigate the legal system, and obtain results that will be in the child’s best interests. Support and guidance is available regardless of where you live, we have offices everywhere from Manhattan to Westchester County and Nassau County.

If you need to obtain a Guardianship over an adult loved one or family member, you will need to bring them to court. The Judge will review the circumstances of the case, and may call upon a medical doctor to help him/her evaluate the condition of the individual. As with a child Guardianship, if appointed the Guardian will be given control over the physical and psychological care of the individual. This responsibility could extend to the individual’s material estate as well. Guardianships are commonly seen in the elderly, where due to age, illness and infirmity they are no longer able to handle their affairs. This type of Guardianship is referred to as a Voluntary Guardianship.

Your NYC Guardianship Lawyer will educate you on the legal ramifications of these cases. You will learn that these are significant issues because you are altering someone’s personal and legal rights, sometimes permanently. The NYC Family Law Attorneys at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC are experienced and ready to help you and your family get through this difficult time. We can provide guidance in any Family Law matter you may have, such as Divorce, Child Support Child Custody or Conservatorship cases. If you call, we can offer you a free consultation in any of our offices, including Suffolk County, Westchester County and Manhattan. You can reach us at 1.800.NY.NY.LAW (1.800.696.9529).

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