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Staten Island Visitation

Visitation with the children, all too often, is believed to be a consolation prize for the parent not granted full custody of the children. Any Staten Island Visitation Lawyer can counsel you, the Supreme Court handling Divorces and the Family Court in New York State are permitting extended visitation times with children for the parent without custody. This is the case even if you do not have joint custody. Visitation can be permitted exceeding more conventional schedules like interchanging weekends when legal arguments are appropriately presented. These days, visitation schedules can be comprised of prolonged visitation, recurrent weeknight visits, and overnight stays as well. Retrieving and delivering the child to school, as well as increased vacations with the child may be included. The Staten Island Visitation lawyers from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC can inform you that these increased visitation arrangements are becoming more frequent throughout New York City—each county has their own judiciary. The Family Court is beginning to issue more visitation all over NY. Advocates for Fathers Rights and Grandparents Rights, such as Staten Divorce Attorneys and Staten Island Family Attorneys, are pleased with this trend.

“Standard visitation” set-ups with a child, as you may know, usually consist of visits every other weekend, four weeks during vacation, and alternating holidays. A Staten Island Family Lawyers will explain to you when a judge finds that the parent seeking extra visitation is responsible, the judge may grant a generous and flexible visitation schedule. The Family Court tends to believe that children do better when both parents stay involved in their upbringing. The children’s best interest is the legal benchmark by which this decision is made.

It is plain to see how critical it is to your case to have representation of an experienced Staten Island Visitation Lawyer if you want the greatest amount of visitation with your child. Questions pertaining to the visitation of children may be complicated as are other matters in divorce, separation, or other sorts of Family Law cases. If a judge, for example, finds that the child faces an increased risk of harm in the sole custody of one of the parents, he might order supervised visitation. In this instance, a trusted member of the family, a government or other agency may coordinate supervision of the child. Please note that, as previously mentioned, if you have similar matters with your own case regarding the visitation of children, the critical legal standard will be the plumb line for your case: What is best for the child?

Modifying Your Existing Child Visitation Order

At some point, the existing visitation arrangements may require a modification or update. Such as, with counseling, someone with supervised visitation of their children may be able to move to visits without supervision. A certain legal stipulation must first be met if you wish to have a Visitation arrangement reexamined by the Family Court for probable modifications: a significant or substantial change to circumstances must have taken place. Instances of changes in the circumstances may include: a change in your (or the other parent’s) work schedule, one parent needs to move, or if more influence of the other parent would be better for your child.

The determination of visitation and Child Custody utilize a similar process. A Staten Island Family Lawyer on your behalf files the visitation petition in the court of the county in which the child lives—you can find the Staten Island Family Court at 100 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, 10301. Petitions could be filed in the Supreme Court in the Matrimonial department or else the Family Court. Several kinds of cases of visitation may proceed at that point. Primary Visitation petitions will institute the first schedule of visitation. Requests for Modification may be filed if the existing order needs to be changed. When the subject of a visitation order is disobeying the order, a petition for violation can be docketed in the Staten Island Family Court. The violation petition inquires that the Family Court rule opposing the violating party, and take punitive action against the party on your behalf. The Judge of the Family Court has the power, when the case is severe enough, to terminate visitation of violating parties completely.

The law office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has attorneys with experience in various types of matters involving Family Law, in addition to visitation cases. The Staten Island Visitation Lawyers on our team bring persistence and knowledge to the handling of the typically perplexing matters that develop when bringing up your child beneath the court intervention shadow.

Your Child Visitation case needs the right representation. We offer free advice with one of our Staten Island Visitation Lawyers if you call 800.696.9529. If your case deals with Fathers Rights or Grandparents Rights, if you have a battle for Custody or Child Support, if your Divorce case needs guidance, if you have a Neglect & Abuse case, or if you have Order of Protection issues, please call and a Staten Island Family Lawyer will be glad to speak with you. We have locations conveniently placed across New York City—in Manhattan, Westchester County, and the other areas, from Staten Island to Brooklyn, and Queens over to the Bronx. And if you live on Long Island, you can visit an office in Suffolk County or in Nassau County.

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